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Psychologist and writer, Andy Christopher Miller, has recently published a new book, ‘The Naples of England’ and is currently giving talks in order to promote this.

The book

The Naples of England’ describes growing up in Weymouth, Dorset, surrounded by the security and nurture of the 1950s welfare state that will propel him from council estate to university. Through a series of vignettes and stories, some humorous and some poignant, the book recaptures this vanished post-War world.

But ‘The Naples of England’ is more than just an exercise in regional nostalgia. Wider and more universal themes about growing up and about Britain in this period are addressed.

After eighteen chapters covering incidents between the years 1950 and 1965, everything that has gone before is jolted into another perspective by the last two from the 1980s, giving the whole piece a new significance and weight. It is this ending especially that makes this a book about family, truth and secrets.


John Lindley, a former Poet Laureate for Cheshire and a Manchester Poet of the Year, has called it “a wonderful book by a writer who deserves wide recognition” and added that “anyone yet to read it has a real treat in store”.

Similarly, Nottingham-based author Megan Taylor, author of three novels including ‘The Lives of Ghosts’, has commented that “the sheer warmth, honesty and fine detail of Miller’s writing brings this fascinating memoir vividly to life”.

Frances Thimann, author of two highly-regarded short story collections, ‘Cello’ and ‘November Wedding’ wrote that the book was “funny, moving and perceptive by turns” and that “this vivid and touching account of a time of hope and innocence has darker currents, hinted at many times throughout”.

The author

Andy Miller has worked as an honorary professor of educational psychology at the University of Nottingham and the University of Warwick, publishing extensively in this capacity. Hence, the book’s telling insights into the world of children and adolescents. He is also an award-winning poet (coming first in the prestigious, international Yeovil Literary Prize) and each chapter of this memoir is fashioned in a rich, descriptive and evocative style. In addition, he has a lively and engaging presentational style and has been in wide demand as a public speaker for over twenty-five years.

A talk with readings from the book can be tailored to an audience’s requirements and at a length of between 60 to 90 minutes.

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