Andy Christopher Miller is a writer and psychologist who works across a number of genres. His various publications have met consistently with extremely positive reviews.

Never a word book cover

‘NEVER: a word’

In 1927, on a beautiful stretch of the Dorset coast, a mother of three walks into the sea and drowns. Fifty-five years later, Sue Roberts hears about the manner of her grandmother’s death for the first time.

How and why have her parents kept this shocking secret from her for so long?

And if Sue seeks the truth will her own life and family break apart?

Impressive …raises issues of indentity and family relationships that are likely to resonate widely… they certainly struck chords with me

Graham Sellors, Playwright

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‘The Ragged Weave of Yesterday’

Why do people write personal diaries and blogs? A journey into the nature of human memory and our sense of ‘self’

“an intimate and immensely readable book”

Dr Phil Stringer, Dept. of  Psychology, University College London

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‘The Naples of England’

A memoir of family, truth and secrets and what it was like to grow up in small-town Britain in the years following the Second World War.

“a wonderful book… anyone yet to read it has a real treat in store”

John Lindley, Cheshire Poet Laureate & Manchester Cathedral Poet of the Year

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while giants sleep

‘While Giants Sleep’

An anthology of published and new prose and poetry from across the prize-winning writer’s 40-year career.

“This collection pulses with life and energy…”

Aly Stoneman, Left Lion Nottingham

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Before retiring from full-time work, Andy was an academic and practitioner educational psychologist and an Honorary Professor at the Univeristies of both Nottingham and Warwick. He has published extensively in this capacity for over 30 years

N.B. The name Andrew/Andy Miller is quite a popular one among writers and another with this name has produced a handy guide to Who’s Who (and Who is Not)