Andy has written a daily diary on an on-and-off basis since 1967, covering more than 9,000 days and comprising over one and a half million words. He has mined this resource for The Ragged Weave of Yesterday (pub 30th Mar 2017), a book that asks why people write diaries. In doing so, the book examines such themes as autobiographical memory, authenticity and the continuity of ‘the self’. Less grandly, the discussion is also drawn to themes such as the nature of gossip, self-aggrandisement and self-deception.

In 2015, Andy Miller published The Naples of England to great critical reception. A memoir of family, truth and secrets and what it was like to grow up in Britain in the years following the Second World War, the book is constructed as a series of vignettes and stories. Some of these are humorous and some poignant, and the book describes growing up on a council estate in Weymouth on the beautiful South Dorset coast in a now-vanished post-War world.