… A WONDERFUL BOOK BY A WRITER WHO DESERVES WIDE RECOGNITION … ANYONE YET TO READ IT HAS A REAL TREAT IN STORE …” John Lindley, formerly Poet Laureate for Cheshire and Manchester Poet of the Year

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naplescoverThe War is over and a generation returns home to build peace, determined to create a new society, protected from cradle to grave.

In Weymouth on the beautiful Dorset coast, baby boomer, Andy Miller, grows up surrounded by the security and nurture of the 1950s welfare state that will propel him from council estate to university. In a series of vignettes and stories, some humorous and some poignant, the author describes growing up in this vanished post-War world.

What happens then when one day, decades later, whilst washing up after Christmas dinner with his mother, he discovers that everything he thought was true is not?

This is a memoir of family, truth and secrets and what it was like to grow up in Britain in the years following the Second World War.

“A moving, funny and compelling account of growing up in small-town Britain. The sheer warmth, honesty and fine detail of Miller’s writing brings this fascinating memoir vividly to life” – Megan Taylor, Author, ‘The Lives Of Ghosts’.

Chapter titles

1946 – 1965

1. Safe as Houses
2. When the Music Stops
3. Message in a Bottle
4. Common Knowledge
5. One for a Jack
6. In Scarlet Town
7. Pecking Order
8. The Naples of England
9. Like Survivors
10. Only a Book
11. Mentors for the Atomic Age
12. Racing Right Away
13. Fifty Miles is a Long Way
14. Telling You How to Live
15. Gainful Employment
16. Above and Beyond
17. Concrete Proposal

1983 – 1987

18. As Long as Everyone’s Alright
19. Neither Shape Nor Shadow