Welcoming a new collaboration

517OBrUiBOL._AA160_I have been very pleased to see the recent publication of the second edition of ‘Educational Psychology’ edited by Tony Cline, Anthea Gulliford and Susan Birch.
The editors have produced a new, revised and expanded version of the book I originally co-authored in 2008 with Norah Frederickson and Tony Cline. When Routledge wanted a second edition, I was aware that my reading was no longer up-to-date in the areas of my original chapters and I did not feel able to commit the time this project would therefore require.

My former colleague, Anthea, however, has an impressive command of the current educational psychology literature and writes in an authoritative and elegant style. So, she has re-written and revised my original chapters and we now share authorship of these in the new book. I recognise enough of my original contributions in the new chapters not to feel like a passenger here but it is also a delight to be associated with work of a quality that may have been beyond my capabilities even back in the day.


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