Persistence, resilience and a 3-volume publisher’s contract

For a number of years now, I have been meeting with this little group – Frances, Angela, and Paul (plus Gaynor who took the photo) – to exchange and critique each other’s writing. These monthly occasions take place at Nottingham Writer’s Studio and combine, certainly for me, high-quality feedback and suggestions on my actual writing with more general encouragement to persist when the motivation dips.

And persistence is what it’s all about.

In this respect, Angela has been a magnificent example to us all. After completing one novel and a period of pursuing agents and publishers, she put her head down and began her second. Over the months and years, we were party to the chapters of this new, evolving work. Her work and completion rate is deeply impressive but even more so is her self-discipline and resilience.

After another search around possible publication routes, she actually settled down to her third and we watched that come steadily to fruition.

Then, only a few weeks ago, came the stunning news that an established publisher had accepted and wished to publish her work. Not just one volume but all three!

We are all delighted! And what an example to us all. Forget the aspirational claptrap over pretty photos that sloshes about all over social media. It’s – Bum on seat. Words on page. Repeat. Edit, Repeat. Continue for a very long time.            

2 thoughts on “Persistence, resilience and a 3-volume publisher’s contract

  1. Wow! That can’t be me you’re talking about!
    Thank you so much for such a generous post, Andy. I’ve learnt something at every monthly meeting, had my writing polished by all your advice and listened to your encouragement when I felt despondent. I would recommend a writing group and smaller fiction critiquing group to any writer, published or unpublished.
    Thank you now for cheering alongside me at my good news.

  2. Very much deserved, Ange. You’ve been an example to us all.

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