In 1927, on a beautiful stretch of Dorset coast, a mother of three walks into the sea and drowns. Fifty-five years later, Sue Roberts hears about the manner of her grandmother’s death for the first time.

How and why have her parents kept this shocking secret from her?

And what has blunted her own curiosity so effectively and for so long?

As Sue delicately prises further information from her unstable mother, she learns that her kind-hearted father has not only forbidden all discussion about the tragedy but has never allowed his mother’s name to be mentioned – or even known.

But ‘Never’ is a word Sue cannot accept.

Determined to discover more and rescue her grandmother from obscurity, Sue attempts to piece together elements of her grandmother’s life.

If she seeks the truth, though, will Sue’s own life and family break apart?

‘impressive … raises issues of identity and family relationships that are likely to resonate widely … they certainly struck chords with me’ – Graham Sellors, Playwright

‘… a very readable style, and a talent for an original image and turn of phrase … the pages turn themselves’ – Judi Moore, Author

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