• ‘Girl with Green Eyes’ by Edna O’Brien
  • ‘Song for an Approaching Storm’ by Peter Froberg Idling
  • ‘In The Light Of What We Know’ by Zia Haider Rahman
  • ‘The Woodlanders’ by Thomas Hardy
  • ‘Euphoria’ by Lily King
  • ‘Dept. of Speculation’ by Jenny Offill
  • ‘Midnight’s Children’ by Salman Rushdie
  • ‘Nora Webster’ by Colm Toibin
  • ‘This Boy’ by Alan Johnson
  • ‘Poems that Make Grown Men Cry’ edited by Anthony Holden & Ben Holden
  • ‘The Good Story. Exchanges on Truth, Fiction and Psychotherapy’ by Arabella Kurtz & J.M.Coetze
  • ‘Purge’ by Sofi Oksanen
  • ‘Scoop’ by Evelyn Waugh
  • ‘Life and Fate’ by Vassily Grossman
  • ‘Stealing Dylan from Woodstock’ by Ray Foulk

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